Webroot Threat Intelligence

Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence

Outrun the modern cybercrimes and threats with proactive threat intelligence platform for a stronger online security.

Built on mature cloud platform that uses machine learning to get smarter and efficient, Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence detect and mitigate advanced threats with deep visibility into network and web traffic.

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Threat Intelligence services:

Webroot offers a plethora of threat intelligence services that span URL, IP, file and mobile threat vectors.

  • BrightCloud IP Reputation Service: Monitors and provide list of malicious IPs to block unwanted traffic.
  • BrightCloud Web Classification and Reputation Service: Block the unwanted contents and protect the users against URL risks too.
  • BrightCloud Real Time Anti-phishing Service: Automatically scan and verify the genuine site from the fraudulent ones.
  • Threat Intelligence for IoT gateways: Real-time blocking of threats on IPs and control where devices and gateways connect.
  • BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection: Identifies and stops malicious files.
  • BrightCloud File Reputation Service: Real time look up of known malicious and white listed files identifiers.
  • BrightCloud Mobile App Reputation Service: Continuously applies multi-stage analysis and algorithms to ensure app safety.
  • BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK: Address device vulnerabilities.

Find out More about Threat Intelligence Services:

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